Patent Information Promotion Center(PIPC) is a public institution responsible for supporting the activities of KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office). PIPC performs prior art searches, IPC assignments and prior trademark & design searches, etc. PIPC also provides value-added IP information services, such as IP research, patent map, IP consulting and IP evaluating services, etc.

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Thank you for visiting our website, Patent Information Promotion Center (PIPC)

With the recent increase in the number of international patent suits, quality intellectual property has become a key factor in the success of businesses.
Therefore, intangible assets, such as patents, utility models, trademarks and designs, have become the core driving force for technological innovation and competitive advantage for every industry.

PIPC(Patent Information Promotion Center), a public institution affiliated with KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office), supports KIPO's policies and offers various patent information services such as IP research, analysis, evaluation and consulting, etc.
PIPC takes pride in making every effort to meet the needs of clients by providing high quality patent information and developing various patent services.
PIPC will continue to provide intellectual property information to industries, research laboratories and academia to encourage creativity, competitiveness and technological advancement.

We look forward to your continued interest and support.
Thank you.

Sang-Cheol LEE
President / CEO
Patent Information Promotion Center

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o Prior art search, trademark & design search for KIPO
o IP research and education
o Patent information search for government-funded R&D projects
o Patent Classification assignment
o IP consulting services for technology assessment and trade
o Publication and dissemination of IP information
o Patent information search for the private sector

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 Support for KIPO’s Patent Examination     |       IP Information Service   |       Overseas customer services


Premium Search Services for Overseas Customer

Validity/Infringement Search

Validity search can provide some prior art references that disclose claims that are infringed by the subject disclosure, enabling inventors/applicants to effectively take steps for patent dispute. All publicly available documents or evidence of public disclosure prior to the filing of the patent application are analyzed.

Infringement search is carried out to locate patents which might be infringed as part of efforts to prevent others from taking advantages from the invention claimed in your patent.

Patentability Search

A patent search is a basic process used by an independent inventor before filing a patent application for his or her invention, or a company to manage its patent portfolio. Through this process, you can easily determine whether your idea is patentable and acquire useful information to enhance the patentability of your invention.

State of The Art Search

State of the art search is broad analysis of the current state of a given technology area. This is useful if your company is considering entry into a new technological area, and is used by inventors and small companies to obtain a picture of the patent landscape. Results can be used as a navigation.

Documents Translation

The Korean and Japanese language tend to be an obstacle to an U.S. applicant's IP strategy.

Our translation service covers translation of Korean or Japanese documents into English in all technological areas.

Trademark / Design Search

PIPC has an in-house database for the trademark and design documents which is published by KIPO. We provide a Trademark and Design search service for KIPO and other private customers.

Korea Office
Korea Office (Seoul)
  • · PIPC ( Patent Information Promotion Center )
  • · Address : 11 yeonhui-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea (06985)
  • · Tel : +82-2-6915-6468
  • · E-mail : global@pipc.or.kr
Us office
US branch office (Washington D.C.)
  • · IPKC ( IP Korea Center )
  • · Address : 8500 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA, USA, 22182
  • · Tel : +1-703-388-1066
  • · E-mail : ipkc@ipkcenter.com


Our Strength

3+ Trilingual Researchers Korea, Japan, English Most of our professional researchers are capable of using three languages (English, Japanese, and Korean). We can search patents in original language for Korean, Japanese, and English documents with high accuracy. Also, we are continuously training our researchers to provide searches in Chinese.
20+ Years Know-How Since 1995, PIPC has been designated as a specialized institution of prior art search for KIPO. We have provided more than 10,000 prior art search reports a year for private customers.
170+ Professional Researchers We have more than 170 professional researchers holding Doctoral or Master's degree on various technology fields.
600+ IP Specialist Researchers PIPC is the biggest prior art search institute in Korea, having more than 600 expert researchers on various technology fields: Electronics, Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, and Biological engineering and so on.
Kiwee Searching System PIPC has its own prior art searching system (Kiwee) for professional researchers. The system covers patent database of South Korea, Japan, China, Europe, the United States and PCT.

Experts in Searching Prior Art and Their Know-how

Since 1995, Patent Information Promotion Center (PIPC) has been designated as an institution of Prior Art Search for Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). We have 610 expert researchers including more than 170 professional researchers holding doctoral or master's degree on various technology fields which are Electronics, Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, and Biological engineering and so on.

Searching Skills in Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese

In 2007, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) adopted Korean patent document of KIPO as a minimum documentation for PCT international search document. Thus, it is necessary to search Korean patent document to get a more comprehensive prior art research. Most of our professional researchers are capable of using three languages (English, Japanese, and Korean), and we are continuously training our researchers to be confident in Chinese.

As the importance of Northeast Asian (South Korea, Japan, and China) patent applications is growing, we are confident to say that PIPC is the most suitable agency that could provide a more complete prior art search service.

Designated Institute for Prior Art Search of International Searching report

Since 2008, PIPC has been designated as an institution specializing in PCT prior art search by KIPO. We provide KIPO international searching reports and written opinions for PCT applications.

Optimization Service for litigation and Trial Case Support

Our searching technology and know-how will lead your business, including important case of proceedings for Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) or Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), to be successful.

Global network

PIPC has signed an MOU with Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Japan Patent Information Organization (JAPIO) in Japan, Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) in China, and Korean-American Intellectual property Bar Association (KAIPBA) in the United States. PIPC also has partnership agreements with SIPO Patent Examination Guangdong Center in China. Lastly, PIPC and the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) have a mutual agreement offering patent search services to global customers.

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  • Address: 48, Munjeong-ro 48beon-gil, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Korea
  • Tel: +82-42-719-2400
  • Fax: +82-42-719-2450
  • E-mail: global@pipc.or.kr
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    kiwee k-peg designmap kobics ipkcenter
    Provide comprehensive patent information service including patent search, analysis, evaluation, and statistics. Provide objective evaluation service for patents granted in Korea and the US. Analyze and process design data retained by KIPO. Provide patent information regarding biomedicine and information on overseas clinical trial, licensing, market and industry. Operate PCT HELP DESK for KIPO ISA and have the US branches for providing IP information service in the US
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